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Our Live Stream classes​ are taught via Zoom. Click here to download Zoom onto your computer or find Zoom in your device app store.

After booking each class, you'll be emailed a booking confirmation with the unique Zoom link for that class. The Zoom link will also be included in your class schedule online, when you login to your Movement Project account and view "My Schedule."


Props add more resistance and challenges to your workouts and are a great investment when possible. Generally lower body props (ankle weights, resistance loops, balls) can be omitted and the movements done without them. The one prop that is essential to do upper body workouts is dumbbells. Try to purchase at lease one set of medium weight dumbbells.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about props! 


DUMBBELLS. If possible, purchase a light (2-3lbs), medium (4-6lbs), and heavy (7-9lbs) set of dumbbells. Available on Amazon or fitness sites like Perform Better, SPRI, Power Systems, and BodySport.

ANKLE WEIGHTS. 1-3lbs. Our favorite ankle weights are these sets by Gaiam and Elevate.

RESISTANCE LOOP. Medium resistance. 9-12 inches. Easy to find on Amazon or where fitness products are sold.

PILATES BALL. 9-12 inches. We prefer the larger 12 inch size like these OPTP and TOGU balls.

YOGA BLOCKS. Any standard yoga blocks.


SWEATY SCULPT. Full body movements that raise your heart rate, sculpt and fatigue your muscles, and provide a light cardio workout.​ PROPS: 2-3lb dumbbells.

HIIT MIX. A mix of high intensity intervals for bursts of cardio, with full bodyweight movements and weighted upper body sculpting. PROPS: 4-9lb dumbbells. 

CIRCUIT STRENGTH. Rounds of strengthening and sculpting movements that work systematically through every key muscle group in your body. PROPS: 4-9lb dumbbells and optional resistance loop.

Upper / LOWER BODY SCULPT. Concentrated sculpting to build next-level strength.​

PROPS: 3-9lb dumbbells for upper body. Optional resistance loop, ankle weights, or ball for lower body.

Core MIX. This class features a dedicated series of dynamic, 3-dimensional ab work that's fiery and fun! Plus a mix of grounded upper and/or lower body sculpting. PROPS: 2-5lb dumbbells and optional band/ball/ankle weights on occasion.

Pilates Mat. A classical pilates mat workout, teaching the pilates principles of movement while building core strength and flexibility. NOTE: Music is not streamed live in this class, but we welcome you to play your favorite tunes in your own workout space.

ABS. An ab-centered workout in 3-dimension with lots of variety and full body movements. PROPS: Optional 2-5lb dumbbells or ball.

Rebound. A super-charged cardio workout on the rebounder (trampoline) that will push your heart rate and calorie burn to the max with minimal impact. EQUIPMENT: Rebounder. PROPS: 4-9lb dumbbells

FREE COMMUNITY CLASS. Instructor's choice sculpting class! 

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