Feb 1, 2021 - Mar 1, 2021

Winter Warrior Challenge


In the middle of winter, days run together and routines get a little too...routine. So what better way to pass the short dark days of February than a fun workout challenge? The Winter Warrior Challenge kicks off February 1st and we are SO excited. Made up of several mini goals layered inside of it, you can customize this challenge by picking the goals that suit you best. Have fun throughout the month tackling each piece! It will be no easy feat, but you can do it! Click to join and access a daily calendar to track your classes. If you complete the challenge, we have a gift for you to celebrate, woo-hoo! And even if you don't finish every step, you'll reap the benefits of tackling something extra and new. Note: You are welcome to join any time after the challenge begins. Just complete the tasks by Feb 28th! The Challenge: Earn 20 points by completing 4 of the 6 goals below! Take 10 Live Stream classes (5 points) Take 20 Live Stream classes (5 points) *this is in addition to your 10-class points! Take a Live Stream class with 4 different instructors (5 points) Take 6 different types of Live Stream classes (5 points) Take 2 Live Stream classes/day, 3x (5 points) Take a Live Stream class 4 days in a row (5 points)